Yunpian is one of the China’s advanced providers of SMS-based services
Yunpian integrates traditional complex communications technology, provided open access services through the API/SDK and standard gateway protocol, it helps E-commerce, Fintech, Enterprise service and other industry users can easily access the SMS, voice verification code, behavior captcha, Private Cloud and other professional communications capabilities. We cooperate with Uber, Airbnb, Tencent, Lagou, Zhihu, Bank of Beijing, Youzan and etc.
SIMBOSS - Professional IoT Communication Service Provider
SIMBOSS offers two products: IoT card and VPDN. It integrates the the network communication capabilities with cloud computing from operator and data management technologies into an IoT information access solution. We provide cost-effective and convenient IoT communications services. It can be used in POS machines, new retail, car networking, shared KTV, security monitoring, smart terminals, shared bicycles and general equipment and other industries. We have served Kartor, Xiaoyi, THUNDERSTORE and so on.
Weike - E-commerce Precision Marketing Platform Based on Big Data
Weike has three major products: member reminder SMS, member promotional SMS and video messaging. It awarded the service platform award for this 3 years. We have provided p≈customer relationship management to more than 100,000 sellers with professional, stable and convenient services. We cooperate with Gree, Haier, Joyoung, Supor, LUOLAI, Tmall Box, vivo, Panasonic and many other well-known brands.